Learn to Code,

Learn to Create!

Crafting the innovators of tomorrow through coding, robotics, and design!

The future depends on a society that can think and create. Through their own creativity and an engaging curriculum, students innovate, design, and become AGENTS of change in their communities and beyond.

Code Agents CAMPS

Students learn to program, design, and use robotic systems at our in person or virtual camps. Our camps immerse students in STEM related projects which are completed on and off a computer.

Code Agents JUNIOR

AGES 5-7, K-2ND Grade

Learn vital STEM skills like coding through hand on activities and games. 

No Reading Required as young learners use tactile and visual learning to gain skills in robotics, engineering, and more.

Code Agents CRAFT

AGES 8-14 (3rd-8th Grade)

Introducing our flagship program, CRAFT, designed to captivate, challenge, and foster continuous learning for our Agents! In Code Agents CRAFT, children delight in the process of crafting incredible coding skills while honing their Code Agent abilities, progressing from a Level 1 Recruit Coder to the esteemed rank of Level 6 Elite Code Agent.

Code Agents CREATE

AGES 14-18, 9th-12th Grade

High Schoolers delve into the realm of Industry 4.0, mastering concepts such as Industrial Automation and Integration, and programming Collaborative Robots. Teaming up with ROOTS Education, we proudly adopt the ROOTS curriculum, a transformative educational approach geared towards providing students with  job-ready skills.

The work and experience shared by this group was proven to be immeasurable.

I am so grateful to witness this achievement and the seed being planted in our kids’ minds with robotics. Thank you!”

Tiffany Arnett, parent

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